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API integration

This type of integration can be used to perform a Void transaction.

Interaction format:

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Peculiarities of performing Void:

  1. A request to the Financial Line API for void transaction can be applied only to primary pre-authorization transactions (auth) with the successful status (success).
  2. Use the HTTP POST method.

To initiate a void transaction, a request to the Financial Line API must contain the following parameters:

pos_idUUIDMerchant's identifier (POS_ID)
order_idStringMerchant's order identifier to be captured (max length is 32 characters)
order_currencyCURRENCYCurrency of original order
commentStringVoid comment. Can be used for describing reasons of void or for passing another data about operation (max length is 2048 characters)
server_urlURLWebhook notification will be sent to this URL

Request example:

$ curl "" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-X POST -d '{
"pos_id": "{POS_ID}",
"order_id": "123",
"order_currency": "UAH",
"comment": "10101",
"server_url": ""

Response parameters:

operation_idUUIDUnique Financial Line void identifier
payment_idUUIDFinancial Line payment identifier of primary operation
order_idStringMerchant's order_id of primary operation (max length is 32 characters)
transaction_idUUIDUnique Financial Line transaction identifier
pos_idUUIDMerchant's identifier (POS_ID)
amountNumberActual void amount
currencyCURRENCYTransaction currency
statusSTATUSTransaction status
status_codeSTATUS_CODEFinancial Line payment status code
status_descriptionSTATUS_DESCRIPTIONFinancial Line payment status code description
created_atTIMESTAMPTimestamp when transaction was created
processing_timeTIMESTAMPTimestamp when transaction was updated last time
feeObjectAmount and currency of commission
commentStringVoid comment

Response example:

"operation_id": "f7d0c7cb-af32-441f-b2af-4d90d4da70e1",
"payment_id": "fdf1a710-8a34-414c-b023-b7e78104301a",
"order_id": "123",
"transaction_id": "4f98dc46-ffff-4ba7-a267-286fe7669894",
"pos_id": "dc728de1-51ef-4ef1-80f7-3b44b07b5667",
"mode": "direct",
"method": "void",
"amount": 100,
"currency": "UAH",
"status": "success",
"status_code": "1009",
"status_description": "Reverse successful.",
"created_at": "2018-10-10T10:10:10.100",
"processing_time": "2018-10-10T10:10:12.000",
"fee": null,
"comment": "10101"

To test the void payment process:

  1. Carry out a pre-authorization transaction using the authentication data of the test project.
  2. Initiate the void transaction for the primary pre-authorization.
  3. Configure webhooks.
  4. Use the test data to obtain different operation result codes.
  5. Handle received errors.

Going live:

Upon activation of the live project by our Compliance Team, use its authentication data instead of the one of the test project.

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