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General information

P2P transfer is a type of online payments that allows individuals to transfer funds from their bank accounts to the accounts of other individuals using your website.

To initiate a funds transfer, the sender should provide the following information on your website:

  • Their payment card data, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV/CVC.
  • The recipient's card number.
  • The amount of the P2P transfer.


  • The solution enables your customers to make P2P transfers without having to use their banking applications or online banking websites.
  • P2P transactions have the ā€œP2Pā€ type and are displayed with this value in the merchant portal.

Primary transactions (purchase, auth, credit, lookup, P2P) must have a unique order ID. In case the selected order ID is already set for another transaction, an error will be received when creating the order.

Initiating P2P transfersā€‹