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Ways of integration

Our services allow you to accept payments and carry out secondary operations on them, make payments, as well as provide other types of transactions and use auxiliary functions.

To use the above functionality, Financial Line offers the following integration options:

  • API integration

    The merchant uses their own user interface to make requests and receive responses from our API. You can also view the required information through the merchant portal if needed.
    This integration type includes the following ways of working with payment data:
    • Direct integration with receiving full payment data on your side or using a tokenization widget. Working with full payment data requires PCI DSS certification.
      Complexity of integration:
    • Hosted integration using the Financial Line payment page. In this case, you do not work with card data, and customers go to our payment page to pay.
      Complexity of integration:

  • It involves the use of a merchant portal to manually generate payment links. It does not require the involvement of developers. Payment links redirect customers to the Financial Line payment page (hosted integration).
    Complexity of integration: