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Features of direct and hosted integration

Direct integration

Direct integration provides server-server interaction without using our payment page. Such integration requires the collection of payment data and making the payment on your end through your own payment form or the use of a tokenization widget.


  • The payment page is completely under your control.
  • The payment process looks more secure for the client, since there are no transitions to other pages.
  • The ability to work independently with recurring payments, abandoned carts, etc.

However, using direct integration requires:

  • Passing PCI DSS level 1 certification or using the tokenization widget.
  • Responsibilities for payment data security.
  • Collection of additional customer data on your end, such as fingerprint, IP address, email, etc.

User experience:

  1. The customer chooses the desired product or service on your website or mobile application.

  2. On your own payment page, the customer fills in their card details and clicks "Pay".

  3. After successful or unsuccessful payment, you display the final transaction status received from us to the customer.


Please note that in order to process requests for 3D Secure authentication, it may be necessary to configure the appropriate redirection.

Hosted integration

Hosted integration involves the use of our payment page, which allows you to be sure of the safety of such transactions and accept payments without storing payment data on your side (site or server).


  • Does not require you to pass PCI DSS certification.
  • The payment page can be customized at your request: placed on your domain and designed using your logo and corporate colors.
  • Automatic receiving of a token. After successful payment, we provide you with a unique card token, which you can later use for one-click payments.

User experience:

  1. The customer selects the desired product or service on your website or mobile application and proceeds to payment.
  2. The customer is redirected from the shopping cart to the Financial Line payment page, where they fill in the necessary payment information and click "Pay".
  3. After successful or unsuccessful payment, the final status of the payment is displayed on the page. From the final status page, the customer can return to your website/mobile application automatically or by clicking the corresponding button.