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Payment links (two-step payment)

Payment Link is a built-in merchant portal solution that allows you to accept payments without setting technical integration. Just generate a payment link to the Financial Line checkout and share it with your customer.

Interaction format:

  • You generate a payment link in the merchant portal with all required parameters. Make sure that the "Payment with pre-authorization" switcher is set to "on".
  • You share the payment link with a customer as a URL or QR code.
  • The customer follows the payment link or scans the QR code and lands on the checkout page, where they enter the payment data, confirm the payment and receive its final status.
  • Funds are being held in the customer’s bank account.
  • You track the payment status in the merchant portal and, once a successful pre-authorization transaction is received, proceed to initiate the secondary operation.

Testing and going live

The testing and going live process for the two-step payment links remains identical to that of the one-step payment links.

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