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Status codes

Throughout the payment process, different status codes may be received to indicate the stage and outcome of the transaction.

Initiation stage status codes (init):


Processing stage status codes (pending):

2000PendingTransaction is accepted.
2012PendingTransaction is on anti-fraud check
2112PendingWaiting for verification via QR code
2119PendingTransaction is processing
2122Pending3DS verification is required
2123PendingWaiting for redirect to the checkout page
2124PendingWaiting for redirect to continue payment
2201PendingWaiting for clarification
9000PendingUnknown error. Please, contact technical support.

Successful transaction status codes (success):

1000SuccessTransaction successful
1002SuccessProtected transaction. Amount was successfully blocked
1004SuccessRefund successful
1009SuccessReverse successful

Failed transaction status codes (failure):

4000failureInvalid data. Missed required input fields
4001failurePayment card expired
4005failureInternal error
4009failureInsufficient funds
4010failureTransaction limit exceeded. Try another card.
4012failureTransaction amount limit exceeded. Try another card.
4119failureSuch order_id already exists in the system.
4124failureInvalid currency. Please use: USD, UAH, EUR.
4128failureCurrency exchange rate is not found.
4139failureInvalid transaction amount.
4144failureInvalid card data
4147failure3-D Secure verification timeout
4149failureSession expired
4150failureInvalid operation
4151failureInvalid input fields
4152failureInvalid configuration. Please, contact technical support.
4153failureTransaction rejected
4154failureTransaction is rejected by anti-fraud
4155failureTransaction was declined by blacklist
4156failureCard not supported
4157failureAuthorization failed. Please, contact issuer bank
4158failureTransaction rejected. Please, contact issuer bank
4159failureWrong OTP code. Please try again
4160failureFailed to create transaction
6001failureThe limit for the amount or number of customer payments has been exceeded. Amount or transaction limit has been exceeded.
6005failureTransaction was declined by internal blacklist.
6006failureTOrder has expired.
6007failurePayment has cancelled.
6008failureTransaction was declined because of balances limitation.